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  • Your remote participation will take place through the ZOOM application, in the meeting version.


  • The dr. will receive an exclusive ZOOM link (ID) to participate in the table or block.


  • The link or ID will only be "valid" during your LIVE participation.

  • Access the link to your table/block/lecture 10 minutes before the start time of your participation, wait for your entrance to the virtual waiting room to be released.


  • Upon being released, Dr. you will be assisted by our support, at the virtual media desk, where you can test your audio, video and screen/presentation sharing.​​


  • At the end of your participation, the virtual room will be closed, and you will be disconnected.​​


  • If you already have zoom installed, to have a better experience, always keep it UPDATED.

Tips and Recommendations for your LIVE PARTICIPATION:

  • It is preferable to use the internet via cable.


  • Wired networks ensure better stability, whereas wireless networks tend to suffer from many speed fluctuations.

  • If your network is WIRELESS (WIFI), try to be close to the modem, avoiding walls or distant rooms and consequently the signal drop.


  • Stop updates and downloads.


  • Disable or close other open programs, applications and notifications and/or pop-ups before starting to share your screen.


  • If other users at your home, office or office are browsing the same network, it is important to be aware of the simultaneous use of other streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, which are large consumers of bandwidth.

  • Choose an environment with few distractions, comfortable and quiet, in which external noise does not interfere.


  • If possible, use headphones and a microphone, as they allow you to reduce external sound interference, increasing the clarity of what is said.

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